Rachel Amodeo was Born in Terravecchia, Italy. At four years old, she traveled to the United States, where she and her siblings were greeted by their parents who had worked and saved for their long journey. After graduating from high school, Rachel moved to Santa Barbara, California where she attended Santa Barbara City College and majored in Photography. During this period she became a rock drummer and performed in various clubs.

In 1982 Rachel moved to New York City to pursue her career as a rock drummer. She started her own band Vacuum Bag and later joined Das Furlines, with whom she appeared on Entertainment Tonight, MTV's Andy Warhol's 15 Minutes and was featured in People magazine.

Starting in 1988, with her partner, animator and cinematographer M. Henry Jones, she co-produced eleven animated television commercials.

From 1989 to 1992, Rachel wrote, produced, and starred in "What About Me". She plays the lead role as "Lisa," who ends up homeless and drifting in New York City. The film traveled the festival circuit and was featured at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts. Its unusual ensemble of cast and characters in a cinema verite portrait of the East Village in the late 1980s made it a cult classic. She worked with cinematographers M. Henry Jones and Mark Brady. What About Me is available for sale and rentable as a DVD on Netflix.

In 1998 she wrote, produced, and directed her second film, a short called "Rest in Peace," set in the 1800s. The film is a tribute to the silent film era with double exposure special effects. Rachel plays the lead role as "Mable Dibble," a ghost who haunts her sister, played by Dame Darcy. She also wrote, produced, and directed a short film called "Pierre Paolo," set in her hometown of Terravecchia, Italy. She plays the lead role, "Philimina," as a young women.

In 1998 she gave birth to her son Atticus and dedicated the next 15 years to being a mother full time.

Since 2015, she has been writing a new screenplay, with the working title "Rock'n'Roll Gangster," based on her experiences in New York. This script is ready for production.

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